Touch Panel

A stylish and versatile touch screen featuring Wi-Fi network connectivity, and PoE (Power over Ethernet ) power supply. Built-in applications are provided for classroom control.

Product Overview


Versatile functions for device control

·Power control of classroom devices
·Video matrix switching for classroom devices
·Control the air-con power, temperature, modes, etc.
·Control the projector on/off and electric screen up/down
·Adjust mic & speaker volume
·Control the NMP to send IR signals for IR devices control (such as TV)
·Multiple audio switch

Access control for authorized use

Embedded IC card reader provides authorized card access to the touch panel. Teacher can lock the touch panel after class to prevent students from misuse.

Capacitive touch screen for smart control

Adopting a 7-inch LED touch screen, Q-NEX CPL10 provides an intuitive interface that is fully customizable with easy-to-use capacitive controls, true feedback, and real-time status display.

Wired and Wi-Fi connectivity

A CAT cable is all that required to wire the panel to LAN, containing all device control signals within a single wire.

For network deployments without CAT cables, the touch panel can also be connected to the Networked Media Processor wirelessly.

Self-developed software with intuitive design

·The touch panel software keeps optimizing and supports OTA update
·Home page functions are customizable to meet specific user needs


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