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Q-NEX Campus Multimedia Management Solution

Smart Campus Management:

Networked Device Control
AV Distribution
Scheduled Task for Automatic Management

Tailor Campus Solutions to Different Needs

NMP-R 120 (Reduced)

The main features of this model is to achieve local device control, access control, AV matrix switch etc. by a control panel, in the meantime, all the controls can also be through the web-based platform Q-NEX Console.

NMP-G 110 (General)

Compared to NMP-R 120, except for including all the features in NMP-R 120, the particular of this general version is about the AV Distribution and Cloud Storage, which is featured by setting up a Q-NEX Media Server.

Key Features

Device Control

As new classroom facilities are kept being brought forth, how to use various devices turns to be a complicated job to teachers. After studying a good number of teachers’ usages and behaviors in classes, Q-NEX is bringing up a highly integrated device control solution for classroom. By one click, teachers can simply manage power control, AV matrix switch, volume adjustment etc. through a desktop/wallmounted control panel.

School Broadcast System

The system is featured with AV distribution, live streaming, message notification, and school bell etc. By deploying a Media Server on campus network, Q-NEX solution will provide HD AV content to all ends in the school through high speed Ethernet. What’s more, if the native bandwidth is supportable, that Media Server can also be deployed on public network, which will help distribute AV contents among campuses in different regions.

Cloud Storage

By working with a Media Server, IT admin can allocate storage on Q-NEX console for public and individual users. Q-NEX Cloud Storage helps curriculum resources and courseware sharing among teachers much easier than usual.

Networked Management

The Q-NEX management system helps IT admins to regulate and control devices through a web-based platform or mobile APP. Even when they are not in position, they can still monitor the running status of devices, control power on/off, distribute AV contents, deal with maintenance reports etc.

Data analysis

Schedule task

Broadcast control

Repair call by a click

Access control

Mobile Management

A/V Distribution Layout