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What can Q-NEX Solution do?

Q-NEX, a cloud-based convergent system, includes device control, access control and AV matrix switch. It also allows for scheduled tasks, broadcast and live streaming. 

These features are possible with one NMP (networked multimedia processor), one touch panel and one wireless microphone. 

One NMP can be mounted behind a display device instead of multiple. This allows the teacher to use the touch panel without having to know the details of cables or devices. Teachers can also use the wireless microphone to easily cover the classroom. Learning how to use multiple devices in one NMP (instead of multiple devices combined) will reduce the cost of education for teachers. Besides, NMP's title indicates that N stands for networked. This means we can access the Internet from any device at any time. Teachers will not worry about whether they forget to shut off the power. Teachers can also schedule tasks to turn off devices. Teachers don't have to worry about assembling students on a rainy or crowded day. An announcement can be broadcast to select classroom display devices so students can hear and see clearly. We hope teachers can use more technology in the classroom to help them. We hope teachers don't have to worry about assembling students in rainy weather. Teachers won't be sore anymore. We hope teachers are free from tedious tasks like checking whether the classrooms have been turned off. We hope teachers will use Q-NEX as soon as possible to avoid problems.