Q-NEX Networked Media Processor

NMP is mainly designed for assisting school's IT admin to well manage various electronic facilities in a school, and freeing teachers from complicated operations of devices in a multimedia classroom.

It has the features of Device Control, Access Control, AV Matrix Switch, Networked AV Distribution etc., and can achieve local and networked device management.

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Q-NEX Console Platform

Accompanied with Q-NEX NMP, Q-NEX Console is a web-based platform, it could simply achieve networked device management, such as Device Control, AV Distribution, Cloud Storage, Live Streaming etc.

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Q-NEX Smart School Solution

Q-NEX solution aims at helping school build up a smart campus, and manage to have all complicated school devices under control through a web-based platform.It is featured with device control, AV distribution, in-time maintenance handling, real-time data analysis such as power consumption and device usage frequency

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