Smart Classroom

Upgrade your traditional classroom to a smart classroom with Q-NEX solution. All the classroom devices could not only be centrally managed by the IT admin, also easily operated by teachers.

Layout of connected devices

Diagram 1: IWB as Main Display

Diagram 2: IFP as Main Display

Application scenarios

Audio & Video broadcast to classroom

The school IT admin can set scheduled broadcast task for the school bell. Or setting schedule to play some music to different groups of classrooms during class break.

One touch to power on the classroom devices

For temporary use of the smart classroom, all the devices can be powered on/off at one time just by the teacher touching the control panel.

Device remote control through APP

After class, the school IT admin using the Q-NEX App finds some classroom devices still on, instead of going to each classroom in person, he can turn off these devices on his smart phone.

Live broadcast to classroom

Instead of gathering in the auditorium, students can watch the live speech from the principal on the classroom TV for any public announcement.

Scheduled task for power on/off

For the projector or the interactive flat panel in the smart classroom, the school IT admin can set scheduled power on task, so that everyday before the first class begins, they would be automatically ready for use. In summer, the air-conditioner can be set to automatic power on as well.

AV Switching

By video switching, it can be two screens sharing the same display, to get a wider view for the audience. Or it can be two screens with different displays, i.e., one for visualizer image, one for courseware from teacher’s PC, therefore no conflict in between.

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