Case Study

Case Study - GIIS

The global Indian international school (GIIS) is an award-winning international school with 23 campuses in 7 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and India.

GIIS Singapore new campus has new two main buildings. In order to establish a school with the most advanced technology, the school IT team contacted us and proposed to us the development of smart classrooms and smart campuses.

Each classroom installed a Networked Media Processor by simply utilizing the network infrastructure. So that automated and centralized control over classroom devices become possible through a single software platform (Q-NEX Console) operated by IT admins. More excitingly, audio and video broadcasting could be realized on the same platform without involving another system.

A desktop touch control panel is available on teachers table, enable the teacher to control all AV technology in the entire classroom from a user-friendly interface. At the press of a button, switching multiple AV signal sources could never be easier, as well as powering up the display and the light, adjusting volumes of the classroom speaker. To prevent teachers from throat pain, a hands-free wireless microphone (IQ 2.4G Wireless Mic) is provided for them to clip on the lapel.

Customized system for the new GIIS campus:

Interactive teaching environment

Cost-effective and energy efficient ICT systems

Centralized and remote control of classroom equipment for easy use by teachers

Safe campus environment and efficient emergency alert

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