The Importance of Interactive Whiteboards In the Classroom

Compared with traditional classroom solution which use projection screen, interactive whiteboards can achieve touch function. It means that teachers do not need to operate the computer , just touch the whiteboard to control the computer to achieve teaching. A USB cable or a serial port cable can be used to connect these whiteboards to a personal computer or laptop computer. 

The interactive whiteboard will make the teaching process more efficient as well as effective for every teacher. The presence of an interactive whiteboard in every classroom will make the teaching sessions more interactive and interesting for the students.
Interactive whiteboards can operate with some specific kinds of software. Such as IQ Interactive Education Platform Software, IQClass V6.0 software. Teachers can prepare courseware, teaching courseware, do mobile teaching through the software. A spotlight can be provided with the whiteboard in order to highlight a specific portion of the teaching content which is being shown on the whiteboard.

There are different kinds of interactive whiteboards in the market. they can be differentiated depending on the kind of technology which is used in order to make them function. Interactive whiteboards are used in every classroom in every school, college and university all over the world. The interactive whiteboard creates a lot of room for teachers to exercise their creative skills during the process of teaching.