Interactive Touch Screens for Education

Interactive touch screens are the latest interactive teaching tools for the modern, connected, interactive classroom. Interactive Flat Panels allow the teacher to create and show any content on the screen to the class from their computer. They can then connect students on their devices to the LED for interactive and collaborative lessons. With a high resolution and low glare image, even the smallest of text is easy to read on the LED. Multi-touch allows the teacher to control and annotate over any application that is running on their PC, MAC or Chrome OS directly from the screen. You can even use gestures to control your applications.


Touch screen devices have proven to be a complementary addition to traditional learning within the educational system. Instructors can use touch screens to increase student participation and improve overall collaboration within the classroom. Can help teachers and students work collaboratively on projects and presentations. Many productivity applications such as Microsoft’s OneNote and PowerPoint have native support for both touch and styluses so using a touch technology that supports both can ensure that the maximum capability of these programs is utilized.

Interactive displays are the ideal classroom technology solution, being easy-to-use, simple to install, and providing more than 30,000 hours of hands-on classroom use—all without costly software subscriptions and high-cost maintenance.


All-In-One Classroom Solutions

Interactive flat panels are a powerful, yet elegant, solution for promoting superior student engagement. Our displays make administrators’ and teachers’ lives easier by providing (among other things) superior HD picture quality, easy-to-learn software, simple IT management and integration, and powerful automation features.

It comes with a full suite of intuitive educational software that only requires a single training session to teach to your staff. The software is optional to use and does not require a commitment or subscription.
Enhance your classroom collaboration and student engagement experience with comprehensive touch screen monitor and digital signature solutions. Allow students to sign up for classes, meetings and even student council votings anywhere at any time. Innovate the way you teach by casting your teaching material with real time annotation, editing, saving and sharing capabilities.